Productions Released
Manic GT: the People's Car

Original title (French): La Manic GT: la voiture du peuple

Historia (Canada), November 2021

Filmed in Canada and France

46 minutes


Spotlight on the Manic GT, the only Canadian production car ever made. From 1969 to 1971, Automobiles Manic produced 150 cars.

Gilles Villeneuve : At Full Speed 

Original title (French): Gilles Villeneuve: à toute vitesse


Shot in the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland and Canada.

52 minutes

Gilles Villeneuve quickly rose to the top to become one of the most adored Formula 1 drivers on the planet.

Fishing the Walleye in Canada

Original title (French): À la recherche du doré

Seasons France, March 2020.

Co-production with YN Productions (France).

Shot in Manitoba, Canada.

52 minutes

In Production
100% Passion

AMI Télé (Canada), May 2022

Filmed in Canada

8 x 22 minutes

Every human being has a passion for an activity or an object that he or she loves and that provokes a spark in him or her. This documentary series will tell the story of how a person with a visual or physical disability lives his or her passion in his or her own way, but also like everyone else.

Woods Music

TG4 (Northern Ireland), CBC (Canada), 2023 Coproduction with Sonas Production

2 x 44 minutes /  1 x 90 minutes


The history of Irish songs in the White Pine Belt of North America is largely the history of Irish immigration to Canada. We will explore the songs, singers and tunes of the lumberjacks, and how they formed a unique style and repertoire from their Irish heritage and new Canadian identity. 

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At the Heart of the Yukon II

Original title (French): Au coeur du Yukon 2

UNIS (Canada), Northwestel (Canada), 2023 coproduction with Simon D’Amours Productions

13 x 48 minutes

Simon D'Amours takes to the road in his school bus, pulling his converted trailer, with the quest to be as self-sufficient as possible, while remaining nomadic! To accomplish his quest, Simon will feed and heal himself thanks to the forest.